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  2. LOL I guess so. I think his career is over at this point
  3. Well, he made it to Week 3. Guessing Week 5 wasn’t bad. Maybe I should play the Lotto tonight👍🏾
  4. Loved your music! And your ex-wife was hot!
  5. Where is Chione when you need her
  6. I hope so because if he conforms like Randy Moss did, the Pats will be unbeatable
  7. I’ll give him till week 5. At that time, the “all about me attitude” will kick in.
  8. smoochies sweetie


  9. So let's see if the Patriots are going to release him as quick as they signed him. If AB remains with the team, I don't see how they can lose a game this season. They have a defense, running game and receiver corp that is scarier and better than when they went 16-0
  10. I'm sure somone has a beef around here since it's been at least 9 years since someones posted one
  11. Shall we bring new beef or the old one?
  12. Kelly96048


    Welcome back to the net
  13. I see someone still has jokes🤔 Leave my Chargers alone bro 👊🏽😂😂😂
  14. Was: Adam Vinatieri!! 🤣😂🤣😂
  15. Post your best / funniest meme's!
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