Is it time for Bitcoing?

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My musings about bitcoin and why it's a safe bet in the current economy.

With the latest collapse ov SVB, I have to stop and wonder when (and/or IF) it will ever stop.  I mean people thinking that they can do whatever they'd like with "our" money.  You see, banks work off a monetary reserve.  In the 50's it was 90%, meaning if you depostied $1.00 then the back must keep .90 cents.  Banks could then use your "10%" or 1 cent to loan to others (with interest) or divest into other assets.  Banks now operate on closer to 10% reserve.  Meaning for every dollar you give them, they can loan out .90 cents.  When a bank run occurs, you can see why banks are stressed, and cannot return depositers money.  So where am I going with all this? Bitcoin!  You see, nobody owns the bitcoin network.  It is full autonomous.  Nobody can take your bitcoin.  Not governments, not individuals, not law enforcement.  Once you have it, and own it (in your own cold wallet storage), it's yours.  There is more information on bitcoin if you google it.  Of course, you can always ask me embarassed


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